Estate Sales

If the value and volume of the contents in your home are great enough to warrant an estate sale, we recommend holding an estate sale in your home with our excellent staff taking care of all aspects of the sale including merchandising, pricing, and advertising. We handle all bookkeeping, maintain the safety of your merchandise, and our friendly staff provides great customer service. We are insured to protect the interests of our clients. Our experience and ability to research market values on specific high-demand pieces results in an ability to reach our goal for an estate sale – to empty the house while generating proceeds for the client.

to begin the process

Please send photo and/or a video of most rooms and items that will be included in your sale to:

Please include your phone number so we can follow up with a reply.

Our Services include

  • A consultation and walk-through analysis of your home, at no charge
  • We reorganize, clean, display and price your personal property
  • We research your valued merchandise 
  • We do appraisals
  • We provide options for removal of remaining home contents 
  • We advertise and market your estate sale in numerous venues, relevant markets, websites, etc...
  • We manage and staff your sale with our friendly salespeople
  • We handle and distribute financial obligations in a timely manner

Organizational Services

In the event you would simply like to de-clutter, and organize your home in a more efficient manner or prepare it to sell or lease, we are happy to give you a quote for your particular situation.

Appraisal Services

Having completed Core Course Training in Appraisal Services, we can assist you in personal property appraising.

We specialize in Residential Contents, Decorative Arts and Antiques. We also work with local experts in appraising Fine Art, Sports Memorabilia, Jewelry, Automotives and Oriental Decoratives, Rugs and Asian Art.

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Should you have one or a few special items you would like for us to consider selling, we are happy to assess their value and offer to sell it for you in other estate sales we offer throughout the Bay Area.