As a bonafide "Treasure Hunter" I absolutely adore the San Francisco Estate Sales Company! I discovered SFES about a year ago... and have tried to attend every sale since... along with the rest of the flock!  Janie and Deene have countless items that are unique, great quality, and are reasonably priced! I've purchased beautiful jewelry, fabulous linens, lovely clothing, books, albums, art, unique cooking utensils, toiletry items to name a few! Their events are welcoming and SFES personnel are always very helpful. Wonderful games, toys and books for my "grandkids" have been the focus at several sales. I've also been quite surprised to discover extraordinary, unique items... which I would only find in a special home environment!  (That's when I can pick up a "jewel" like a forty to fifty-year-old retro ice-bucket in PERFECT condition for my niece, who was stunned when I gave it to her!) It's also means a great deal to me to know that Deene and Janie are dedicated agents for their clients, which they clearly express to all of their customers. SFES is very well-respected and greatly appreciated by all!  If you're looking for a needle-in-a-haystack, I'd strongly suggest that you look for it at their sales! You're bound to find it there!