I was introduced to San Francisco Estate Sales because they were conducting an estate sale of a home near my mother’s property in Millbrae, which I would eventually handle as a rental for the current owner.

I visited the home on a Saturday afternoon and was very impressed at the organization, and the way the sale was run. The sale staff were attentive in monitoring the items and answering my questions, as well as the way items were checked for actual sale.

Months later, when my mother needed to leave her home for an assisted living community, I contacted S.F. Estate Sales for consultation.

Both Deene and Janie, owners of the company, met me at Mom’s home, and in their- southern Texas, accent’s, patiently spent the time with me, evaluating the contents and answering my questions. I got the sense that they were very sincere, genuine, and honest about what to expect, and felt that they respected an owner’s home and belongings.

They were punctual along with their crew, and spent at least a week going through, organizing, evaluating, and preparing for the sale.

I explained what things would not be for sale, and they were very careful to separate these items.

The overall process went extremely smoothly, the home was left wonderfully clean, items that were to be disposed of were left bagged on the side of the home, and the financial settlement at the end surpassed my expectations.

I have since received proceeds from items that did not sell at the property, but were taken to their future sales.

As a Local Realtor who works with many families who have the need to disperse of a loved one’s items, I feel very confident in recommending, and have recommended the services of S.F. Estate Sales – Deene and Janie.