San Francisco Estate Sales is wonderful; simply stated: Janie and Deene are Wonderful.  We have lived in our San Francisco home for 32 years and have collected/acquired a ton of fine things, and then some questionable Stuff!  We have sold our house, are considerably downsizing, and moving out of the country. We didn't wish to do a series of garage sales; a friend suggested finding an estate sale person. So I surfed the web and really liked SFES;  they came by for a very  informative and helpful, and free, appraisal...along with a lecture.  Subsequently they guided us through the stressful and tedious job of divesting home and almost all personal belongings/treasures....along with a couple more lectures.    Those lectures?   they read us well and knew the process: we would start out confused and frustrated; and then move into a state of great sadness and pain.  Without any kind of pressure they would ask: are you  OK with this? Do you still want to move along here?  THAT was endearing....very professional but also very caring for a client.  The Estate Sale went super well; as did their associates a nonprofit 'clear away the rest' folks.  If you desire a smooth and easy divesting/move then we say: call Deene and Janie. They are wonderful.