This company is excellent from beginning to end. Whether going through them to plan and conduct the estate sale OR if you love what estate sales have to offer - they are excellent! The people of San Francisco Estate Sales are  - by far - the friendliest estate sale people in the business. I've been to many an estate sale where the people running it are too snobby to make me stay. I am attracted to people, then products. The people at San Francisco Estate Sales impressed me to such a degree that I am writing a Yelp review about it. I'll be watching for more of their sales, just so I can deal with them again. ...And, their understanding and knowledge of individual items is clear.

Their prices are fair, both for the seller and the buyer. They are professional, kind, knowledgable, hard working, fair, and energetic. I *highly* recommend going through them for your estate sale needs, consultations, estimates, etc.